Katrina P

My son has been attending Chantel Learning Child Care for almost three years now. I have nothing but praise for the Centre (staff and management) and will recommend and continue to recommend this Centre to family and friends (the same way the Centre was recommended to me). At no point in time, have I had an issue with the Centre or the level of care that my son has been given. If anything, I feel that staff members go above and beyond. Staff and management have always been willing to answer any questions/concerns that I have had over the years. In my opinion, 2014 has been the Centre's best year yet – the Centre is moving forward and continuing to grow. I am constantly updated and informed of my son's progress /development and of any news/events that are happening at the Centre. The Centre is clean and bright and overall has a great set up both indoors and out.
1/10/2014 12:00:00 AM


My first child attend Chantel Learning Centre for 2 years till he started school, and currently my 2nd child is in the centre for the past 2 years also starts school next year. My experience with Chantel Learning Child Care Centre has been nothing but positive with both my children. The staff are highly professional and very involved with the children, their activities, play and work. The environment in which the children stay in is always of a utmost high standard, being clean and presentable. What I love most about the centre is the warmth and inviting personalities of the carers. The staff are extremely caring, loving and have the children's best interests at heart. Their attitudes is what makes my children love going there. When ever there have been issues raised with my children, which at times is certainly going to happen, the staff have always kept me well informed and have also worked with me and my children to resolve issues when need be. My children also have special dietary requirements and health conditions. Chantel Learning Child Care Centre have been very accommodating to this which has been extremely helpful and puts my mind at ease. I would recommend Chantel Learning Child Care Centre to absolutely anyone. If your looking for the place where the staff look at it as more than their job and actually love and enjoy what they do, then this is the place to be!
1/10/2014 12:00:00 AM

Monica Y

My daughter has been attending Chantel Learning Childcare for the last 2.5 years and we have been happy with the centre. My recommendations and ideas have been taken on board by the staff and owner. The staff have been lovely to my child. When we have had issues such as feeding and eczema, the staff have been very accommodating and have spent the time to encourage my daughter to eat and regularly apply cream on her arms and legs as requested. I agree, there have been a lot of staff changes within the last year, which I think were necessary and I hope it will be the start of something new for the centre. If I had concerns about this centre, I would not allow my daughter to attend and I would not recommend/ encourage my friends to send their children there either. We visited about 3 other centres before deciding on this one, and I felt comfortable with it and that it was a clean and well maintained centre. As always, it is a good idea to see the centre for yourself and make your own judgments, rather than only relying on reviews on the internet.
1/05/2014 12:00:00 AM
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